My dog Zeus, the best of boys.

The Rough Spot

So, here I am watching Joey Diaz, the video below specifically.

Any way, in the show he’s talking about pride and humor, which got my gears going. The last three years have been tough for many people, including my self, there is a reason I am pivoting this business after all.

Becoming Humble

There’s nothing graceful about it. It sucks, it’s not pleasant, you hate yourself, and you wonder if you’ll live through it. It’s ultimately funny because, you think that you were humble, then you learn that humble learns you! Hah!

I watched a little over a dozen friends go out of business and I dropped to about two clients at the worst point of the last three years. Lets just say, it was the bottom, hopefully. Now, I am fully aware things could’ve become worse and it’s annoying that I feel I need to type this, but troglodytes yanno.

So, I ended up doing Uber for the better part of a year. Not quite like my first job, but going from making nearly 100k per year self-employed to struggling to pay for food will definitely humble a man. I still have an issue with pride, I refuse to do Uber in my hometown so much so that I’ll go work in an adjacent town or even go to another state. The thought of picking up a previous client or delivering food to one.

It’s tough, life is tough, and there’s no predicting anything – just faith. I think I’ll do a post on faith at some point, at least share a perspective different than what you typically see or rather, hear.

I need to pull this together, it’s late, and I am falling asleep here. This life will drive you to the edge but, with faith in at least yourself, or that there might be some awesome unexplained shit out there worth seeing, you can make it back on your feet. I am not sure that I am standing upright, but I can tell you that everything passes, good and bad.

Remember, who you are is not defined by what you have, but by what you do.

Crescent City, California. Shot on a Samsung S10 by, Matthew Boisson. September 2020.

New Horizons for Twenty Three.

Beginning today I am moving forward with the pivot, or rather growth of Boisson Media. When I started this originally it was only for web and graphic design. The following years came with new experiences and with each new experience comes new ideas.

I have had an interest in in web design since I was a child. What I love about the industry is that there are always things I know nothing about and learning about them is only a couple clicks away.

Fast forward approximately a decade, 2006 and I am starting my first business. The business is selling automotive performance products. While developing this site by hand-code, because I wasn’t finding an e-commerce solution I liked at the time. Any way, it revealed that it was only a matter of time before there would be a CMS solution. By 2012 I was on WordPress and “WooCommerce had been available for about a year if I recall correctly.

2012 substantiated a question that I held on to for a long time, “how long will what I do last?” It is interesting to reflect on these thoughts that I had in my teens. As much as I loved coding I recognized that my time was nearing its conclusion. It’s amazing to me that what took me months of typing on a keyboard is a couple clicks away on an open-source platform such as WordPress and the e-commerce plug-in WooCommerce.

One other thing that started to explode in 2012 was Search Engine Management and Social Media Marketing (Essentially SEM but on social media). You could also call this gambling on keywords. I recognized the opportunity for revenue but also recognized that the tracking would eventually lead to an anti-trust lawsuit… Any one could’ve seen it coming. That’s a lesson I will share that has become abundantly clear after Covid: Do what you can and ask for forgiveness when it becomes a problem.

Marketing is changing, physical retail is about to resume its’ sunset, and it all will seem worse than what it should’ve been because of the stimuli and the lockdowns. SEM seems to be going strong as the methods of tracking have changed from using cookies to utilizing the URL. One thing has been consistent through all the years, quality original content garners the best return.