Boisson Media: Updates!?


Good afternoon everyone!

I have a couple updates I would like to go over.

1.) The following free servers are now on-line; Minecraft, StarMade, and SpaceEngineers. We have plans to add more, we just haven’t decided which ones those will be yet. I can say that a server for Ark, CS: GO, and Planetary Explorers have been discussed. The free servers will be more lightly moderated due to the fact we need to justify someone looking over each server to make sure everything is good. Should the apocalypse happen on these servers, the likely response is resetting the server without restoring the original content.

2.) Pay2Play Servers, they’re definitely available. We find that we’re aiming more towards support of Community Contributors. The vision is becoming a hub for YouTube,, and other similar streaming services. A paid server is much more moderated than the free and a significant effort will indeed be made to restore a server. Essentially, we expect a lot of griefing on the free servers, because, that’s what people with too much time do.

3.) Developer Servers, they simply are not getting the attention that we want, yet. These are for people who would rather stream or be in an environment of other people who understand what it is to develop or stream. To gain access, no amount of money will gain entry, you must be approved by your peers.

4.) We have acquired more servers! That’s always good news!

5.) We have acquired wholesale accounts with many computer hardware manufacturers throughout the world and will be selling these products on this site.

6.) Here in the next week or so, we will be starting various YouTube channels as well as advertising our affiliates. To name a few; Anastazia Nichole including her channel Annah Minx, Penumbra Productions, and ShaoCorp.

More updates are to come about, we just have a lot of infrastructure work going on at the moment!

Why Pay2Play?

Why Pay to Play?

As our servers become more popular we have decided that we need to get something on-line explaining why we have pay to play servers. I suppose before we get started with this, think of reasons why Blizzard would charge on W.o.W..

The main reason is that no one really wants to fork out the money and deal with the maintenance required to keep it going. Some times, it’s not so bad, other times, it’s infuriating to deal with updating a game and making sure everything works, let alone dealing with a modded server, which in itself can drive a person to madness.

The next which would be a close first is that we all want to play on a server that has the least amount of drama as possible. We recognize that people will always dislike people, because that’s what people do. Though how do we minimize this? With a paid server we can afford to have people moderate the servers and maintain an organized chaos.

Another close first, I think we’re seeing that all of these are equal concerns, any way. Thirdly, greifing, it exists and is never going away, and really some one who really wants to mess everything up will, regardless of cost. Thus another reason for paying to play, paid staff can keep a more close eye on what’s going on and roll-back the server before the apocalypse happened. This reminds me of the stories my brother told me about that chaos the had happened on the free to play Garry’s Mod servers. Perhaps I can find the video… the movie… and add it later.

Additionally and quite obviously, Boisson Media is a business, we need to keep those lights on and the spice must flo… the internet on.

We want to have an environment where people enjoy playing their games and need not worry when a group of hooligans will join their server and destroy everything that you had worked so hard for. I presently put a lot of time into StarMade and would be quite disappointed to find a crashed server that’s unrecoverable.

If you have any questions, concerns, and/or questions do let us know and we’ll do what we can to answer the.

P.S. A FAQ is in the works.

Boisson Media: Revised 003


The family dog, “Isis”.

Well, the site is getting there, just a few more days and we’ll call it mostly done! As many of the C.E.O.s that have been interviewed by Entrepreneur Magazine say, “If you try to make it perfect from the beginning you will never launch.” As there are many moons ahead, expects growth and a sincere abundance of changes. Were are glad you’re here with us!

– Matt

Boisson Media: Revised 002

After another two long…. long nights. We have made some decent progress on putting the new website together. Like any project, we are discovering issues that we had not predicted that make for some interesting little tangents. Any way, we are planning to have the site nearly fully functional by the end of next week. We expect to hit some delays during the development of the three shopping carts for: Boisson Media Apparel, Boisson Media Computers, and Arrogant Industries.