Manila to Baguio

So, to give you a little idea on my angle with this whole trip. I am basically on this trip with the goal of finding a reason to keep going and to hopefully feel something. The last couple years really killed off my desire to continue and with what remaining will I thought I had I manifested the ability to join Joel and Chris on this trip. I believe my message with this, here in the beginning at least. Is if you decided the final way out isn’t the way you want to go, getting the heck outta Dodge for a while might be a good choice. I tried different states prior to this trip, but it’s not a big enough wrench to jog your mind like doing this will.

Manila to Baguio

I finally make it to the #Philippines in this video, where I catch up with my bros Joel & Chris.

Joel: Tambay Adventure |

Me: @MattFromAmerica
Joel: @Koolestgtl
Chris: @lostwithoutacairn


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