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Day 4 - Hurricane Ridge
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Welcome to Boisson Media. I am currently developing platform that will change the way content delivery happens on-line.



FIRST, Create a way to give you a platform to share your content with the world.

SECOND, A method to develop your own platform so that all of your eggs are not in one basket.

That’s about it, might add some more points later.


Our primary plan is to develop a platform that competes with the likes of YouTube.

How do we plan to do this? A long time ago, before YouTube, around 2000 – I built a website that would allow people to share videos that they created but, the difference was these videos were hosted on your own page. Yes, even at 14, I was concerned about censorship. Unfortunately, 14 year old me became more interested in cars and “chicks” and this idea took a hiatus.

Now, it’s 2022 and it seems that I need to revisit that ambition, that idea. So, the plan is baskets for everyone and link content to this and other pages like it.


First, The Freedom of Speech transcends protection from the government. It’s not only an Amendment, it’s a way of life. We exist in a time where corporations have successfully made us accept their terms, their media, their ideologies without question – well, not all of us, that’s why you’re here.

Perspective on what a content creator is needs to change as a whole. Even in business there’s a point where the hobby hits a fork in the road – either keep it a hobby or build it in to what you dream of.

There’s one more thing we need to discuss. I believe the Freedom of Speech allows us to see the health of our cultures, our societies, and this is why we should have maximum freedom in speech – minimal to no censorship.


In November of 2021 we put together classes for people losing their career because of the mandates. These classes helped people navigate whether or not they should start a business and also offered career transition help if that was preferred.

If you’re interested in career help, please go on over to our friend, Ben at Compton & Compton LMTS.


If you’re interested in attending Zoom calls or scheduling an in-person meeting to help you figure out which direction you should go contact us and we’ll help you figure that out.


Currently streaming on, Arrogant Industries. Monday, Wednesday, & Friday from 12PM to 1PM PST.


Join our community on Discord.


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