Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do?

Boisson Media designs the content your business needs and develops the strategy for your business to take advantage of that content.


We have you covered in everything from branding, graphic design, web design, marketing, search engine optimization, social media and much much more!

Third Party Markups?

In most cases we do not charge any markup on a 3rd party service or product. We strongly believe in only charging for the work we do. Typically, we have an in-person approval and at that time an order will be made using the client’s preferred payment method. If we absolutely need to order a product we encourage cash or check so we do not need to pay unneeded transaction fees.

What Is A Development Plan?

A business plan is a written description of your business’s future, a document that tells what you plan to do and how you plan to do it. A Development Plan is supplemental to your business plan, however it shows the actual content that will be designed and developed, how the market is performing, a competitive analysis, where your business stacks up and the strategy that will be implemented to obtain your goals.

Do You Work With WordPress?

Yes, we work with WordPress websites everyday from general maintenance to building a site from the ground up. Additionally, with each site we build we educate each owner how to use the site.

Can You Be Hired As A Liaison?

Yes, we have on several occasions been asked to work as a liaison for private, state and federal institutions.

Can You Work With HIPAA?

Yes, we have several clients that have to follow HIPAA guidelines.

Do You Work Internationally?

Yes, we have provided services to private and government entities abroad.

Are You Willing To Travel?

Yes, we are willing and able to travel easily within the United States of America. We are working on making international business and traveling more viable.

Do You Have Employees?

Boisson Media leverages its relationships with many designers and developers to maintain its workflow. We utilize several contractors that work with us on a consistent basis and remain as so for tax reasons at this time.

Do You Work With Dispensaries?

Yes, we have recently started developing business development plans and marketing strategies that are in compliance with the Washington Administrative Code. WAC 314-55-155

Do You Visit Your Clients?

Yes, one of the things that we and many of our clients dislike about our industry is how impersonal it has become. We typically stop by our retainer clients once a week and if we are unable to stop by, we will call and check in with them.

Do You Work With Vendors?

Yes, there are many situations where Boisson Media is asked to manage and keep vendors accountable. Additionally, if there is a situation where bringing on a vendor makes sense, Boisson Media can vet the vendors, negotiate the contract, and provide ongoing management.