“How do I help people in economically depressed areas build businesses that would be competitive with their corporate counterparts?”

The first thing I learned when I started my original business was how money came in and what was preferred. In college, we were educated to send large invoices and charge as much as we can, well that doesn’t work with small business, especially those in an economically depressed area. In the continued pursuit to answer that question I developed the first step to setting my business apart from the rest, a retainer system where the business owner and I could agree upon a direction and spread out payments over a term. It’s much more palatable to know what money is going in and out than being hit with a large bill or inversely, not knowing when money will be coming in again. This retainer system worked for a while and naturally I came to a plateau.

What do I do next? Learn more of course, I seeked out a position with a large company to learn more of what I didn’t know and gain a new perspective. Now I kept my business going while I worked and utilized my ongoing clients as a sounding board for things to come. What I learned in during that endeavour is that if salespeople could be sold anything, a business owner could certainly as well. I didn’t like seeing the gross abuse of my clients by vendors. So I adopted working as a liaison or consultant to my clients to vet vendors and explain whether or not the vendor was worth their money and in the case they were not worthwhile, where their money would better serve them. Eventually all good things must come to an end and it was time for me to leave that job. I was pumped, I worked with a large company, worked as upper management and made a significant positive impact. Now, the mission was to adapt what I learned for my clients, the small businesses.

About a year into deploying and implementing this new-found information for my clients, I had ran aground again, it was that plateau! I needed a couple things: how to track my business, how to create a proper foundation, find a support group and of course leads. I found it through a community resource, it has helped me more than I tell people, it saved me from giving up and gave me support to keep going. Throughout my time in what is called, “BE$T”, a fountain of knowledge, I learned of the next key I needed, business plans do not develop your business.

The next thing I learned followed the, “Five P’s – Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. My solution was the creation of the Development Plan and its place was to supplement the Business Plan. My thoughts were that you need to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, to put it simply. Otherwise you’re spending that time and money on frivolous endeavours and vendors which usually means you end up on a very specific creek without a paddle. At this point in my endeavour I had met many soon to be clients who were lighting money on fire because of those similar situations and now I had a tool to help them escape that creek.

Present day; I hit that plateau again, however this time I was ready for it. I recognized that I knew why I was doing what I am doing but no new people were learning about my goal, my mission. I knew it was time to find a someone to delegate to, make my marketing more concise and explain what sets my business apart from your typical graphic designer, web developer and consultant which is why this has come into existence.

I want to work and I want to make the best difference I can. I provide all the typical services a business could need in the event I cannot provide that service; I can find a vendor, vet the vendor, negotiate an agreement, keep them accountable and make sure continues to go swimmingly. Most of my clients are owners who want to grow their business, this is one of the many areas a Development Plan is useful. We look at where your business is online and offline, compare and contrast with competitors, discover your goals, create a strategy and implement that strategy.

Boisson Media is not about being a one and done type of firm. Boisson Media is about building a relationship with each client, the relationship where we swing by weekly and see how you a. We don’t like that our industry is losing its human touch and to address that, we do whatever we can when we can in person and on-site if deemed necessary. I have an email and the website has a form, but I’d prefer that our business is done human to human which is why you’ll have our number.