Social Media Management


Boisson Media offers service catered exactly to your needs. We look at how your business has performed, how it is presently performing, what we speculate the market trend to be in the future, and what your goals are for the business. We develop each social media strategy to be agile so that should there be an abrupt change in your business, industry, and/or market we can more easil adapt and overcome those changes.


We are a fiscally conservative business and that ideology transfers into our development plans. Most of our clients are startups or small businesses, so budgets are typically tight. We have found that the vast majority of these businesses would like to know what social media is and how to properly manage it, which is why education is so important to us. In addition to providing education to our clients, they also appreciate that we prefer to perform business person to person as often as possible. Technology is amazing, but we think business should always have a human touch to it.


For companies or individuals that have the ability to manage a portion of the social media themselves, but would like some back up when it comes to growing your presence, this is where Shared Management is ideal. This allows you to be part of the action, with the convenience of a pro-team having your back. For shared management, our primary goal is to educate you in the most efficient way to manage your social media pages. We do this by examining how your business performed in the past, how it is performing now, and where you would like it to go in the future. Additionally, we help with content but encourage a more hands-on approach. By performing the management of your social media this way we strongly believe it creates a much more effective development strategy and better communication between Boisson Media and you.


For companies that are ready to release their social media to a company they can trust with their brand, their image, and their customers. We will curate all the content, produce all the posts, handle the schedule, the calendar, the responses, coordinate content around local events, and keep tabs on the health of the community. We will schedule monthly or weekly meetings with you, of course with preference to be in-person, to keep you up to date with the performance of you social media channels.