Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Unlike many industries in which changes are minor and happen periodically, social media changes on a daily basis. What was not possible a week ago is now possible, and something that was simple until yesterday now requires two extra steps. The motto of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerburg is “If you aren’t breaking things, then you aren’t moving fast enough,” a creed very evident to those who work in social media daily and are constantly having to adapt.

Shared Management

For companies that have the ability to manage a portion of the social media themselves, but need part-time support and someone keeping an eye on the communities, Shared Management is ideal. This allows you to be part of the action, without being a slave to it. For shared management, we check the page at least three times a week, post regularly but less frequently than with Full Management, and help with content, but with you able to have a more hands-on approach.

Full Management

With Full Management, we curate all the content, produce all the posts, handle the schedule, the calendar, the responses, coordinate content around local events, and keep the social communities (fans) happy and on topic. Interactions with fans are done in a “voice” that is appropriate for social media and that also matches your brand personality.